Congratulations to Yamil SABA and Gonzalo CENDRA from Venezuela are the 2019 Hobie 16 World Champions

View the presentation of the new Hobie 16 World Champions


What classes will start together in series 2 (GM, GGM, Womens & Youth)
  • Grand Master and Youth racing together (two starts )
  • Great Grand Master and Women racing together (two starts )
Additional Tickets for Hobie Worlds Friends and Family

Open Ceremony and Welcome for Masters

  1. Open Ceremony and Welcome for Masters – November 1 – $50
  2. Masters Awards Banquet – November 5 – $100
  3. Combo for above – $125 (will include event bag/program/water bottles)

W/Y/GM/GGM Welcome

  1. W/Y/GM/GGM Welcome – November 6 – $30
  2. W/Y/GM/GGM Awards Banquet – November 8 – $100
  3. Combo for above – $105 (will include event bag/program/water bottles)

Qualifier/Open Welcome and Cut for Qualifier

  1. Qualifier/Open Welcome and Cut for Qualifier – November 10 – $50
  2. Cut Party – Gold Fleet – November 14 – $30
  3. Finals Banquet – November 16 – $100
  4. Combo for above – $150 (will include event bag/program/water bottles)

PLEASE send an email to Lori Mohney, lori.mohney@hobieclass.com, and let her know how many tickets you will be purchasing, and for what events. If you have dietary restrictions and/or food allergies do be sure to outline the details in your expression of interest email to Lori.

In order to notify the caterer of expected number of participants at our planned dinner parties, please take the time to send an email as soon as you can. However, tickets will be available ON SITE for last minute participants and cash (USD), only, is the preferred method of payment.

You ARE NOT obligated by your expression of interest email. Prices quoted are in US DOLLARS. Federal/State/City/Local taxes are 11.5%. Prices listed are exclusive of tax. Taxes are added to your final bill.

Menus will be available on site at registration.

On-Line Entries Extended to Oct 7th

On-Line Entry Information

On-line entries will close at 5 PM (17:00), 7th October 2019, Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) (convert to your timezone here).

Don’t worry, you can still enter on site at the South Seas Island Resort, and there are still opportunities to come and be part of the Hobie racing and fun.

The Registration Office Will Be Open As Follows

1st Nov10:00 - 16:00Hobie 16 Masters
5th Nov10:00 - 16:00Hobie 16 Great Grand Masters
Hobie 16 Grand Masters
Hobie 16 Women
Hobie 16 Youth

Event Accommodation Update (updated 27th Sept)

We still do have limited hotel rooms at South Seas Island Resort until October 7th and rooms are subject to the availability. After October 7th you need to contact Lori Mohney (lori.mohney@hobieclass.com) for room availability.

We look forward to seeing you at Captiva Island, Florida, part of the beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel for this 22nd Hobie 16 World Championship.

Hobie Worlds Store Items

There will be Hobie Worlds apparel available for sale at the event.   They will be for sale on all Registration Days: November 1, 5, 8 and 10 and other times will be announced on site.  NO on-line sales are available.

What are the class membership requirements for the Hobie 16 Worlds?
All crew members shall be members in good standing of the International Hobie Class Association in accordance with the Class Rules of the International Hobie Class Association.
All crew members on board a competing boat at Class, World and Regional* championships shall be members in good standing of the International Hobie Class Association in accordance with the constitution of the International Hobie Class Association. At all other events at least one crew member on board a competing boat shall be a member of the International Hobie Class Association in accordance with the constitution of the International Hobie Class Association unless prescribed otherwise in notice of race.
South Seas Rooming Requests/General Rooming?
Please send Lori Mohney an email with the following requests lori.mohney@hobieclass.com.

If you would like to be by another group please specify where you are staying and who you want to be by no later than SEPTEMBER 15, 2019.

If you would like the twin bed configurations made into a queen bed send the request as above.

If you have any other room request or general accommodation questions please send Lori an email.

Can I sail one up (one person) in the Hobie 16 Worlds?
The International Hobie Class Rules, Hobie 16 Class rule 7.4 state: At World Sailing, World, Regional and National championship events, the crew shall consist of 2 people. For other events see General Rule 17.4 (b).
I have a crew, however they are not 100% sure if they can go, is it possible for me to change my crew after I've entered?
Yes, it is recommended that you enter as soon as possible. The cut off date for crew changes is 60 days prior to the event and allows for visa processing time for your new crew. Please use the link “ADD CREW TO MY EVENT” contained in your entry notification to add crew at any time when you know who they are.
Can I enter Women and Youth Divisions?
It is not possible as the womens and youth classes may be on the water at the same time. A youth woman can either sail womens or youth, not both.
I'm a female crew in the Grand Master's or Great Grand Master's class. Can I also sail the Women's class?
It is not possible as the Women’s class and Grand Master’s class may be on the water at the same time.
Why have the entry fees increased?
When reviewing the financials many factors were considered. The most important was to balance the budget. Also when we looked at what other classes charge for their events the Hobie Worlds was very cheap. Every team gets a new worlds customised Hobie 16 to race upon. That is assembled for them so they just have to race. At the end of sailing the sailors don’t have disassemble the boats. The boat charter fee makes up a considerable part of the entry fee. Though it does save all sailors boat transport fees with less travel time to assemble and disassemble their boats for transport. Supplied also allows every sailor to race on identical boats. The fees also give sailors party with food, mementoes from the event. Plus the normal race management fees such as fuel that you pay for every sailing regatta you enter. When the prices were compared the Hobie 16 Worlds still remains one of the cheapest events with supplied charter boats.

We worked as hard as we could to keep the entry fee as low as possible while still giving our sailors the event. As more sponsors come on-board we can give the sailors even more benefits for what will be a truly memorable world championships.

If my birthday falls just outside the dates on the Notice of Race for an age category will you still accept my entry?
No, the IHCA age limits are defined by General Rule 17.7 and 17.8.
How do I get to the venue?
A list of options to get to the venue will be listed in the Getting Here link
What electricity plugs are used in the United States?
In the United States of America the power sockets are of type A and B. The standard voltage is 120 V and the standard frequency is 60 Hz.

In the United States of America the power sockets are of type A and B. Check out the following pictures. When living in Australia you will need a power plug adapter for sockets type A and B.

Type A Plug and Outlet

Type A Plug and Outlet

Type B Plug and Outlet

Type B Plug and Outlet

Do I need a visa?
A foreign national or alien entering the U.S. is generally required to present a passport and valid visa issued by a U.S. Consular Official, unless they are a citizen of a country eligible for the Visa Waiver Program, or are a lawful permanent resident of the U.S. or a citizen of Canada.

Visa Waiver Program


The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) enables most citizens or nationals of participating countries* to travel to the United States for tourism or business for stays of 90 days or less without obtaining a visa. Travelers must have a valid Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) approval prior to travel and meet all requirements explained below. If you prefer to have a visa in your passport, you may still apply for a visitor (B) visa.

Requirements for Using the Visa Waiver Program (VWP)
You must meet all of the following requirements to travel to the United States on the VWP:

Travel Purpose Must be Permitted on a Visitor (B) Visa
Must Be a Citizen or National of a VWP Designated Country*
You must be a citizen or national of the following countries* to be eligible to travel to the United States under the VWP.

Czech Republic
New Zealand
San Marino
South Korea
United Kingdom**

**To be eligible to travel under the VWP, British citizens must have the unrestricted right of permanent abode in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man

Are there banks and ATMs at the venue so I can get US Dollars?
Is there a minimum age for the crew member if I enter the the Master and/or Grand Master and/or Great Grand Masters class?
17.8 For the purpose of Master and/or Grand Master and/or Great Grand Masters and/or Double Grand Master 100 and/or Double Great Grand Master 120 events the following applies:
a) The helmsperson for Master series shall be 45 years or older on 31 December of the year the event starts. The age of crew members in Master series is open.
b) The helmsperson for Grand Master series shall be 55 years or older on 31 December of the year the event starts. The age of crew members in Grand Master series is open.
c) The helmsperson for Great Grand Master series shall be 65 years or older on 31 December of the year the event starts. The age of crew members in Great Grand Master series is open.
How far away is the regatta beach from the South Seas Island Resort?
Within walking distance.
What are the [SP] [DP] and [NP] on the Notice of Race?
Clauses marked with those marking [SP], [DP], and [NP] mean there are special penalties [SP], discretionary penalties [DP], or not protestable [NP] by a competitor. Full explanations can be found on the IHCA web site: Discretionary Penalty Policies
Where do I find information about the resorts and accommodation?
Here is a useful link to assist you:  https://www.southseas.com/hobie-worlds-2019/
We are under minimum class crew weight, will the organiser supply corrector crew weights?

No, it is the responsibility of the crew to bring their own corrector weights and maintain class crew weights during racing.

The IHCA Class rules can be found at http://hobieclass.com/class-rules/

Can non-competitors and family members attend the Hobie 16 Worlds?
Non-competitors and family members are welcome to attend the Hobie 16 Worlds.
Off site entry will be at the South Seas Entry Gate. You will pay $5/car and given a wrist band and parking pass. Follow the signs to parking for Captiva Cruises.

It is less than a 5 minute walk to the Hobie Sailing Beach. Food & Beverages will be available at Sunset Beach (cash only).

There are also restrooms in this area for your use.

Captiva Cruises will be having cruises to the race course for a fee (TBA) or you can feel free to just relax on the beach, meet the sailors and watch the racing.

When I arrive in Florida, how do I get to South Seas Island Resort?
There are many options you can use to get to South Seas Island Resort. From the nearest airport, Fort Myers, it is about 1 ½ drive to South Seas Island Resort during moderate traffic times. The road is well maintained and is a comfortable drive. There is a $6 fee to travel on the causeway to South Seas Island Resort. It is free to return to Fort Myers.

Uber and Lyft both operate in the area. The driver will collect you are the airport and drive you to your destination. If you download the app you can ask for a quote from your airport to South Seas Island Resort.

The following companies provide shuttle a service from Fort Myers to South Seas Resort. Please contact them directly for rates and pick-up times. If you are travelling in a large group, please provide them with all of the flight information.

Car rentals are another option. This will allow you the flexibility to travel and see some of the area around Fort Myers and Sanibel. There are many rental companies at Fort Myers airport. For those who are members of Costco; they have discounted rental car rates.

Unfortunately, South Seas Island Resort do not run a shuttle service between their location and the airport. Though the options above will allow you to enjoy your travel around the Fort Myers and Sanibel region.