Congratulations to Yamil SABA and Gonzalo CENDRA from Venezuela are the 2019 Hobie 16 World Champions

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All entrants in this event must agree with the liability waiver and model release. If you are entering an event on behalf of someone else, you accept the liability waiver terms and model release on their behalf.

If an entrant is aged under 18 years, the liability waiver and model release will be viewed and agreed to by their legal guardian in order for them to compete in their event, and that their legal guardian will be responsible for their safety during the event.

If you do not accept the terms of the liability waiver and/or model release you must cancel your entry transaction now.

Liability Waiver

In the full knowledge of RRS 4 – Decision to race – and conscious of the dangers inherent to Sailing and Sailboat Racing, I give up all my rights to sue or make any claims for damages due in negligence or any other reason whatsoever against the Class Association, the event organizers, the promoters, sponsors and all other persons or parties conducting or connected with this event for injury to property or person I may suffer while participating in the event and while upon the event premises. I know the risks of danger to myself and my property while preparing for and participating in the event, and while upon the event premises, relying upon my own judgment and ability, assume all such risks of loss and hereby agree to reimburse all costs to those persons or organizations connected with this event for damages incurred as a result of my negligence. Furthermore, I agree to be bound by The Racing Rules of Sailing and any other rules that govern this event. I have read and understand this agreement and will abide by the conditions in the agreement.

Model Release

I give Hobie Cat® Company, and parties designated by Hobie Cat Company, including clients, licensees and purchasers, the right to use my name and photographs and video of me for sale to any medium for the purposes of advertising, trade, display, exhibition, social media, television or editorial use.